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Tolerance center  Holocaust exposition  Memorial Museum
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Dear visitors, to comfort You the Tolerance center is open longer from the 1st of September till the 21st of September. Please, see the hours in here 

1 st of November – on Tuesday,
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 Exhibition will be opened from 1st of July until
the 25th of September



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Antanas Jaroševičius





A valuable present reached Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum this August (2016) – the Siddur "Korban Mincha",
Vilna, Yehuda Leyba Macas Printing House, 1886

This book was presented by Dr. Jay Levin, the member of Temple Israel, which is located in West Bloomfield, Michigan. 

The Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum is grateful to Dr. Jay Levin: the Siddur is returned to Vilna, the city, in wich it was printed, the city, which is a nursery of Lithuanian Jewish culture.


This Siddur is a very important donation for the collection of our museum. The Printing House of L. Macas was one of the most famous Printing Houses in Vilna in the 19th century. Read more



The participants of the AEJM MES seminar with the Director of the VGSJM Markas Zingeris.
Foto: J. Jackevičiūtė

On the 17–21-st of July the AEJM seminar MES was organized at the Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum in Vilnius. Educators, guides, heads of educational departments and directors from the Jewish Museums in the Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Ukraine, Hungary, Russia, Switzerland, Great Britain, Poland, Austria, Germany and Norway visited the Departments of the VGSJM, S. Shapshals Karaims Ethnographic Museum, Kaunas 9 Forth Museum, the Church Heritage Museum and discussed the educational activities, challenges and awareness within historical sensitivity with the colleagues.

Warm meetings were also organized with the head of Karaims community in Lithuania Jurij Spakovski and the guide of the Vilnius Choral Synagogue Natlja Cheifec. One of the best experiences of the participants of the seminar became the visit to the wooden Synagogue in Žiežmariai and the meeting with the keeper of it Mr. Liudvikas. The AEJM organizes the Museum Education Seminars in different countries for five years and the seminar is supported by The David Berg Foundation, NY.



A great present reached the Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum on 13 July of the current year - over a hundred and fifty pieces of graphic art and two sculptures of the artist Rhona Gorvy from the Republic of South Africa of the Lithuanian Jews origin.

Rhona Gorvy (nee, Penn) was born in South Africa and had a strong desire for her artwork to return to the motherland of her parents who came from Plungė and Švenčionys.  Her desire was realized with an effort of the artist’s daughter Elaine Gorvy and thanks to all Gorvy family.

Rhona Gorvy passed away namely on 13 July when her artworks from the Republic of South Africa reached our museum. However, the dialogue continues:  pieces of graphic art tell us of author’s attempts to express the experience of life and continuous links with Lithuania in the language of art. The artist was particularly proud of her Lithuanian roots.

Respecting the last will of Rhona Gorvy and giving thanks to her family for a possibility to hold a big part of her artworks in our museum and enrich a collection of Litvaks origin artists’ artworks, the museologists of the Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum are going to open in the near future the exhibition of Rhona Gorvy artworks.

Currently the donated artworks are being handled and studied so they could be presented to the public in an exposition that will reveal multi-dimensionality and charisma of Rhona Gorvy personality, and a wide spectrum of her talent – graphics, sculpture and poetry.

Now you can get acquainted with Rhona Gorvy biography and a part of her artworks donated to our museum, which can be seen here.  

Ilona Murauskaitė
Head of the Collections Department
The Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum




Cornelia Gurlitt artworks exhibition „Cornelia Gurlitt: The Journey of the Heart. Vilnius Trough the Eyes of German Expressionist: 1915-197“ from Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum and private collections was opened in Curonian Spit History Museum

Cornelia Gurlitt artworks exhibition:"Cornelia Gurlitt: The Journey of the Heart. Vilnius Trough the Eyes of German Expressionist: 1915-197" from Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum and private collections was opened in Curonian Spit History Museum (Pamario Str. 53, Neringa) on the 18th of July, 2016. Lithographs and drawings by Cornelia Gurlitt (1890-1919) reveal the drama of an artist, who served as the sister of mercy at Vilnius’ German military hospital during the years of WWI. Her life and work are presented in the background of Vilnius views, captured by Generalfeldmarshall Hermann von Eichhorn army‘s photographers, as well as through the thoughts of her contemporaries. Read more

Dr. Hubert Portz, owner of "Kunsthaus Désirée" Art Gallery in Germany, who has donated the collection of the artworks of this tallented, but forgotten expressionist to Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum, shares his thoughts on the exhibition and it‘s connections with the festival theme "The Human Dignity"



From the left: Director Markas Zingeris, representative of Center Pompidou Sennen Codjo and the curators of the exhibition:
Head of the Tolerance Center Ieva Šadzevičienė and Museum specialist Aušra Rožankevičiūtė

The Tolerance Centre of the Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum (Naugarduko St. 10/2, Vilnius) proudly presents an exhibition of artworks by a Litvak sculptor Jacques Lipchitz (1891 – 1973) titled ‘Life in Sculpture. Jacques Lipchitz – 125’ that will stay open for visitors from 1 July to 25 September 2016. The exhibition located on both floors of the Tolerance Centre presents the creative life of Jacques Lipchitz starting with his childhood and young years in the native town of Druskininkai and going down to Lipchitz’s studies and artistic environment in Paris, including his creative life in the United States of America. Read more

Representative of Centre Pomidou Sennen Codjo and the curator
of the exhibition Sennen Codjo give interview for local media

At the opening of the exhibition
Photos by Jurga Jackevičiūtė  






Jacques Lipchitz‘s artworks exhibition „Life in Sculpture. Jacques Lipchitz – 125“ will be opened for the visitors at the Tolerance Center of the Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum on the 1st of July, 2016. This Friday Director of the Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum Markas and the Head of the Tolerance Center Ieva Šadzevičienė participated at the radio show „Ryto Allegro“, hosted by LRT Klasika Radio station. They spoke to journalist Laima Bytautienė about the preparation of the exhibition. Listen to the record of the radio emission in Lithuanian language here (starting from: 54:25 sec. till 1.30.09 sec.):…/1012911075/ryto_allegro_2016-06-17_08_10


Foreign archaeologists and geophysical research team visit to Tolerance Center

The team of archaeologists and geophysical research specialists from United States, Canada and Israel who are conducting geophysical survey in Paneriai memorial visited the Tolerance center, where they have met with the director of the Jewish museum Markas Zingeris and the Head of Paneriai memorial Zigmas Vitkus. Purpose of the meeting: introduction and discussion of further cooperation opportunities.

It should be noted that foreign researchers are working not only in Paneriai. Together with Lithuanian archaeologists (supervised by Zenonas Baubonis) next week they will begin archeological excavations in the place of Great Vilnius synagogue, that was demolished by Nazis and Soviets. The geophysical survey in Paneriai memorial will be finished this week.

The method of survey and preliminary results of both investigations will be presented in Tolerance center next week, 22nd of June, 16.00 h.. The detailed information concerning the presentation will be announced later this week.

From the left: geophysicist Alastair McClymont (Canada), the third - a geophysicist Paul Bauman (Canada), the fourth - John Seligman (Israel), Markas Zingeris, Owen Palquist (USA), Richard Freund (USA) and Zigmas Vitkus.

Modified: 8/31/2016


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