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Vilna Gaon Museum of Jewish History
Vilniaus Gaono Žydų Istorijos Muziejus



the online presentation-discussion on the topic “Art – a therapy for the affected by war”

Published: 2022-11-11

The Vilna Gaon Museum of Jewish History, the Embassy of Germany in Vilnius, and EZCO Creative Agency present the German version of the interactive website ‘Why do we need art?’, dedicated to the art of Samuel Bak, and kindly invite you to the online presentation-discussion on the topic “Art – a therapy for the affected by war” to be held on ZOOM platform on the 16 of November 2022 at 15:00.

Participants: Samuel Bak (USA), Matthias Sonn, German Ambassador to Lithuania, Anna Maria Strauß, Head of Goethe-Institut Lithuania, and Lina Vigraitė, Head of EZCO Creative Agency. The discussion will be moderated by Ieva Šadzevičienė, Heard of the Samuel Bak Museum, and the Acting Director of the Vilna Gaon Museum of Jewish History.

The initiative ‘Tolerance Through Art’ inspired by the artwork and life of Samuel Bak continues to unfold. Now the website ‘Why do we need art?’ engaging interactive means to promote open discussion about the past and the future, including the sensitive issues topical for present-day society, is also accessible to German-speaking audiences.

The discussion is devoted to the International Day for Tolerance and the 5th Anniversary of the establishment of the Samuel Bak Museum.

Please note that the event is to be held on ZOOM in English with simultaneous interpretation into German.

 Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 840 7071 0889
Passcode: 262424


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