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Vilna Gaon Museum of Jewish History
Vilniaus Gaono Žydų Istorijos Muziejus



Published: 2021-10-04

Užupis Jewish cemetery in Vilnius (Olandų St.) was established in 1828. From 1830 to the 1960s, about 70,000 Jews of Vilnius were buried there. 

Zemach Shabad (1864–1935), a famous doctor and public figure, was also buried there.
Photo VŽM 1854-1 f 425
The photo captures the tomb of Zemach Shabad in Užupis Jewish cemetery. Ca. 1970s –1980s. The tombstone of black polished marble includes inscriptions in Hebrew, Polish and Russian:
צמח שאבאד
Dr. Cemach Szabad
Др. Цемах Шабад
In the 1980s, Užupis Jewish cemetery was liquidated, and Zemach Shabad's tomb was transferred to Sudervė Jewish Cemetery (Sudervės Road 28, Vilnius)
Later, his son Yakov Shabad (1901–1958) and Yakov's wife Sofia Shabad (1908–1998) were buried there.
Photo VŽM 6347-1 f 2287 
The tomb ofZemach Shabad and Yakov Shabad in Sudervė Jewish Cemetery in Vilnius. Photo of 1993. The tombstone includes inscriptions in Hebrew, Russian and Lithuanian:
יעקב שאבאד
Я.Т. Шабад   J. Šabadas
The tomb of Zemach Shabad, Yakov Shabad and Sofia Shabad in Sudervė Jewish Cemetery in Vilnius. Photo of 2021
The tombstone includes inscriptions in Hebrew and in Lithuanian:
סאפיע שאבאד
Sofia Shabad
1. Guzenberg, Irina, Agranovskij, Genrich. Vilnius. In the Footsteps of the Jerusalem of Lithuania. – Vilnius: Pavilniai, 2016.
Prepared by Olga Movšovič, conservationist-researcher of the VGMJH photography collection
© From the holdings of VGMJH
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