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Vilna Gaon Museum of Jewish History
Vilniaus Gaono Žydų Istorijos Muziejus


Vilnius. In Search of Traces of the Jerusalem of Lithuania

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Vilnius. In Search of Traces of the Jerusalem of Lithuania is a guide book which introduces the reader to 23 pedestrian routes specially designed to encompass sites of Jewish historical and cultural significance. Readers will deepen their knowledge of the Jewish community of Vilnius from its very beginnings through the mid-twentieth century. Distinguished community figures and the tragic events of the Second World War are featured. the guide is intended for a broad audience. Both first-time visitors to Vilnius and city residents with an interest in the history of Eastern European Jews will glean here much more about the Jerusalem of Lithuania that is new to them.
Based on historical accounts, Vilnius. In Search of Traces of the Jerusalem of Lithuania is richly illustrated with documents and photographs from government archives, libraries, museums and private collections. its appendix includes a list of Vilnius street names at different periods of history, indices of names and sites and a glossary.
Compilers - Irina Guzenberg, Genrich Agranovskij
Corrections and complement - Irina Guzenberg
Consultants - Vyrautas Lisauskas, Sid Laiman
Editor - Dalija Eipšteinaitė
Editor of the first edition - Birutė Sinočkina
Published by PAVILNIAI
ISBN 978-609-95375-4-2
782 pp., 2016, with photographs, in Russian language


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