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Vilna Gaon Museum of Jewish History
Vilniaus Gaono Žydų Istorijos Muziejus


Museum of Culture and Identity of Lithuanian Jews (upcoming)

The Vilna Gaon Museum of Jewish History is establishing a new department – the Museum of Culture and Identity of Lithuanian Jews. It will be located in Vilnius, on Pylimo St. 4A, in the former building of the Jewish Tarbut Gymnasium. Intensive renovation works are currently underway. On completion, a modern exposition will be installed in the second half of 2023, where visitors will see authentic exhibits and have the opportunity to get to know about Lithuanian Jewish history in an interactive way.
The first floor of the exhibition will be devoted to important events and phenomena that have shaped Lithuanian Jewish culture and identity and everyday life: the historical context, Judaism, life in the shtetl, Jewish language and other important aspects that determined the life of the Jewish community.
The second floor of the exhibition will be dedicated to Lithuanian Jewish creative endeavours and secular culture: literature, music, theatre, and art. We will also invite visitors to listen to stories told by Lithuanian Jews  about their or their family members’ relationship with their homeland and to reflect on the factors that shaped Lithuanian Jewish identity.
The third floor of the building will host  the museum of Rafael Chwoles, an artist from Vilnius. Through the story of one person’s life, we will tell about the complex events of the first half of the 20th century and the influence that they had on the destiny of so many.
The history of Lithuanian Jews, their work and achievements are important not only in Lithuania: the Jews who emigrated to various corners of the world contributed to science, culture and politics in their newly discovered homes. Therefore, this future museum is important not only for our visitors from Lithuania, but also for our guests from many countries around the world. 
You can contribute to the establishment of the museum, too: if your family comes from Lithuania, and you have stories you would like to share, write to us at: aivaras.poska@jmuseum.lt
We invite you to contribute to the establishment of interactive and engaging exhibition by supporting the project: https://bit.ly/3oCG07i 

Information about the beneficiary:
Vilna Gaon Museum of Jewish History
Code of the legal entity: 190757374
Address: Naugarduko St. 10/2, Vilnius, LT-01309
Settling account number: 417044060001122232, AB SEB bank
Please indicate that the purpose of your payment is a donation to the Culture Museum of the Lithuanian Jews.

More information:
+370 5231 2357
+370 623 57560
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