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Vilna Gaon Museum of Jewish History
Vilniaus Gaono Žydų Istorijos Muziejus


Illustrations by Adasa Skliutauskaitė for the novel Candles in the wind by Grigorijus Kanovičius

Adasa Skliutauskaitė (born in Kaunas on 05/05/1931), graphic artist, painter, sister of the writer Jokūbas Skliutauskas. In 1955, Adasa Skliutauskaitė graduated from the Lithuanian Institute of Arts. The artist illustrated children’s journals, and worked in the areas of estampe and book graphics. Skliutauskaitė uses various techniques to express her creative impulse, which include drawing, lithography and painting. Since 1956, she has participated in numerous exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, and has held over 20 personal exhibitions. Skliutauskaitė illustrated a number of books by Lithuanian Jewish writers.
The Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum has a unique collection of Adasa Skliutauskaitė’s graphic art. The collection includes illustrations for the novel by Grigorijus Kanovičius Žvakės vėjyje (Candles in the Wind). The artist is very convincing in depicting the daily life of the Shtetl and has an extremely subtle way to portray personal relationships. Adasa Skliutauskaitė chooses soft lines to create portraits of the heroes. Poetic, melancholic, and nostalgic motives prevail, and the feeling of the nearing Catastrophe is present in the air.


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