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Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum
Valstybinis Vilniaus Gaono Žydų Muziejus


The World of the Lithuanian Jewish Traditional Art and Symbols

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Category:History Publications

Aistė Niunkaitė Račiūnienė
The World of the Lithuanian Jewish Traditional Art and Symbols

The monograph by Dr. Aistė Niunkaitė-Račiūnienė analyses the sources of traditional Jewish art, gives a review of forms of traditional Jewish art of Lithuania (Lita); it also carries an analysis of the interior details of synagogues and ritual objects. Much attention  is given to the symbols of Jewish visual art and their classification. The supplement to the monograph Catalogue of Historical Iconographic Sources carries over a thousand photographs of synagogues and ritual objects from 169 cities and towns of Lita. The book is meant for experts on culture and the general public interested in Lithuanian Jewish culture.

ISBN 978-9955-767-10-7
696 p., 2011, with photographs, Lithuanian


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